Andy Frankel Introduces New Customer Care Department

Introducing The All-New Customer Care Department!

Axis Payments is committed to providing prompt and superior support to all of our Regional Sales Advisors. So, we have just launched a new department created exclusively to provide top notch support for all of our valued representatives; says Andy Frankel, President of Axis Payments. It’s called Customer Care and it is a direct line to Axis Payment’s top-tier sales support group.

Whether in front of a merchant and need documents emailed or faxed to you or simply have a question about a commission, a Customer Care liaison will assist you quickly and efficiently.

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Need more lease applications? Call Customer Care.

Have a question about a rate or fee? Call Customer Care.

Need to know the status of a deal? Call Customer Care.

Need to know what your commission might be on a particular deal? Call CustomerCare


You are our priority!